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Entrepreneur: Latest Bookkeeping Articles
Entrepreneur: Latest Bookkeeping Articles
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The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Bookkeeping.

Keep Your Business Finances in Order With These 6 Tips
When you know exactly how your revenue and expenses are stacking up, you can begin to make more informed decisions.
5 Finance Tips All Business Owners Should Follow
Entrepreneurs may not like keeping their books, but it's a completely necessary part of running a company.
10 Best Accounting Websites for Startups
Entrepreneurs need to know at least enough accounting to understand what their accountant is telling them.
How Much Cash Do You Need for Your Business's Safety Net?
A healthy business has a healthy cash flow, but what do you do when you hit a dry spot?
Why You Can't Afford to Be Bad at Bookkeeping
It's not fancy, but bookkeeping is critical to your business success.
Last-Minute Bookkeeping Tips Before You See the Tax Man
The good news is that there's a way to properly prepare for this, er, taxing process to avoid all this agony next year.
What's the One Task Most Small-Business Owners Loathe?
The more time that owners spent running their businesses, the more they loathed this task.
5 Simple Steps to Prevent Expense Fraud
Whether intentional or not, a few misappropriated dollars here and there can easily add up and can be hard to detect.
10 Affordable Tools to Help Online Entrepreneurs Succeed
These applications help improve productivity and streamline certain aspects of business.
Passion Alone Is Not Enough to Open a Business
Before you start up, consider all the other functions of running a business, such as dealing with customers and keeping the books.
How to Be Current and Cognizant When Managing Cash Flow
Figure out your burn rate.
Make Financial Statements Useful With These 6 Tips
Without accurate and up-to-date numbers, your business can suffer. Here's how to upgrade your reporting.
Are You (Finally) Ready to Do Your Taxes Online?
GoDaddy reveals that half of small companies still do taxes by hand and offers advice on how to go digital.
Will Your Business Fall Victim to the Dreaded Tax Audit?
Even if you have all of your ducks in a row, the IRS could hand select your return to be audited. Here are some reasons why.
Time to Send Out 1099s: What to Know
This is the month get your 1099s out to your vendors. We break down what you need to know and do.

Journal Of Accountancy News
Latest News from Journal Of Accountancy

Quarterly earnings reports at center of debate
Some say focusing too intently on quarterly reports causes companies to neglect the long-term goals that should be more of an emphasis.
D.C. Circuit upholds IRS unenrolled tax preparer program
The Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit held that the AICPA had standing to challenge the IRS’s Annual Filing Season Program for unenrolled tax preparers but further held that the program did not violate the Administrative Procedure Act.
FASB changes accounting for long-duration insurance contracts
Companies that sell products such as life insurance, disability income insurance, long-term-care insurance and annuities will change their accounting under new rules issued by FASB.
Independence interpretation on hosting services gets new effective date
The effective date of the new “Hosting Services” interpretation in the AICPA’s “Independence Rule” has been extended 10 months by the AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee.
FASB proposes lessor accounting amendments
Amendments proposed by FASB are intended to make implementation of the new lease accounting standard easier and less costly for lessors.
FinREC issues working drafts on credit loss accounting issues
The AICPA’s Financial Reporting Executive Committee (FinREC) has issued working drafts of accounting issues related to implementation of FASB’s new standard for accounting for credit losses.
Tolerance for high risk puts Americans’ investments in jeopardy
Many Americans see a volatile stock market as a way to make a quick profit through short-term buying and selling, according to a new poll.
Qualified business income deduction regs. proposed
The IRS issued guidance on the new Sec. 199A deduction for qualified business income in the form of proposed regulations and a separate notice on how to calculate W-2 wages for those purposes.
Final regs. govern who can be a partnership representative
The IRS finalized proposed regulations under Sec. 6223 on the procedures for designating a partnership representative and the authority of the partnership representative under the centralized partnership audit regime.
Ninth Circuit withdraws Altera opinion
The order announcing the withdrawal says it is being done “to allow time for the reconstituted panel to confer on this appeal.”
IRS issues proposed regs. on 100% bonus depreciation
The IRS issued proposed regulations providing guidance on Sec. 168(k), which was amended by P.L. 115-97, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, to increase the allowable first-year depreciation deduction for qualified property from 50% to 100%.
GASB proposes new rules for reporting conduit debt obligations
Under new rules proposed by GASB, state and local governments would use a single method to report conduit debt obligations and related obligations.
Proposed regs. address several transition tax issues
The IRS issued proposed regulations on the Sec. 965 transition tax that requires U.S. shareholders of deferred foreign income corporations to pay tax on post-1986 deferred income.
Quiz: Test your knowledge of employee benefit plan audits
How well do you know the basics of employee benefit plan auditing? Take this quiz and find out.
2018 tax software survey: Individual product survey responses
Online-only: Contact information, basic packages and their features are shown below for the top seven products in the survey.


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