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Entrepreneur: Latest Bookkeeping Articles
Entrepreneur: Latest Bookkeeping Articles
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The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Bookkeeping.

3 Major Benefits of Updated Bookkeeping and Accounting Records
Every business big and small should have regularly updated bookkeeping and accounting records so business leaders can make the right decision with a foundation in the data.
Delegation 101: How Entrepreneurs Can Boost Employee Productivity
If you want to spend more time doing what you love, you have to get comfortable with delegating.
Keep Your Business Finances in Order With These 6 Tips
When you know exactly how your revenue and expenses are stacking up, you can begin to make more informed decisions.
5 Finance Tips All Business Owners Should Follow
Entrepreneurs may not like keeping their books, but it's a completely necessary part of running a company.
10 Best Accounting Websites for Startups
Entrepreneurs need to know at least enough accounting to understand what their accountant is telling them.
How Much Cash Do You Need for Your Business's Safety Net?
A healthy business has a healthy cash flow, but what do you do when you hit a dry spot?
Why You Can't Afford to Be Bad at Bookkeeping
It's not fancy, but bookkeeping is critical to your business success.
Last-Minute Bookkeeping Tips Before You See the Tax Man
The good news is that there's a way to properly prepare for this, er, taxing process to avoid all this agony next year.
What's the One Task Most Small-Business Owners Loathe?
The more time that owners spent running their businesses, the more they loathed this task.
5 Simple Steps to Prevent Expense Fraud
Whether intentional or not, a few misappropriated dollars here and there can easily add up and can be hard to detect.
10 Affordable Tools to Help Online Entrepreneurs Succeed
These applications help improve productivity and streamline certain aspects of business.
Passion Alone Is Not Enough to Open a Business
Before you start up, consider all the other functions of running a business, such as dealing with customers and keeping the books.
How to Be Current and Cognizant When Managing Cash Flow
Figure out your burn rate.
Make Financial Statements Useful With These 6 Tips
Without accurate and up-to-date numbers, your business can suffer. Here's how to upgrade your reporting.
Are You (Finally) Ready to Do Your Taxes Online?
GoDaddy reveals that half of small companies still do taxes by hand and offers advice on how to go digital.

Journal Of Accountancy News
Latest News from Journal Of Accountancy

How the suspension of personal exemptions affects health-care-related provisions
IRS guidance clarifies what it means to claim a personal exemption deduction.
After investigation, SEC issues cyberfraud alert
The Securities and Exchange Commission cautioned public companies to be on the lookout for a class of cyber-related fraud called “business email compromise.”
FASAB proposal seeks clearer materiality guidance
The Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) is asking for public comment on a proposal to clarify the implementation of materiality concepts in the issuance of federal financial statements.
Getting it right: Crafting the CPA Exam
CPA Exam questions must adhere to Blueprint topics and skill levels while avoiding words and ideas that could distract or confuse the reader.
Proposed regs. reflect amendments to all-events test and advance payments
The IRS is proposing to remove regulations on advance payments and long-term contracts to reflect amendments to Sec. 451 included in the law known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
International audit standard addresses estimates
A newly released international auditing standard for auditing accounting estimates and related disclosures is designed to help auditors keep pace with changes in accounting standards for loan provisions and insurance contracts.
Meals continue to be deductible under new IRS guidance
The IRS issued guidance on the deductibility of meal and entertainment expenses after the modification of Sec. 274 by the TCJA.
GASB proposes targeted improvements, new concepts
GASB issued separate proposals that are designed to deliver targeted improvements to the financial reporting model and advance new concepts to guide the board in developing standards on recognition in state and local government financial statements.
IRS issues 2018–2019 per-diem rates
The IRS issued its annual update of the special per-diem rates for business travel away from home from Oct. 1, 2018, through Sept. 30, 2019.
Rules issued on paid family and medical leave credit
The IRS released guidance on the new Sec. 45S tax credit for employers that provide paid medical and family leave.
3 factors driving finance transformation
North American CFOs are dealing with rapid technology changes and the need to retrain workers in the quest to continue finance transformation.
SEC proposes clarifying broker-dealer exemption
The Securities and Exchange Commission proposed an amendment that would correct an error published in 2013 in the exemption provisions in the broker-dealer annual reporting rule.
News quiz: What’s the latest on accountants’ pay?
See how much you know about the news (or catch up on recent reports) with the quiz.
Investors trust auditors, but confidence in U.S. markets drops
Investors continue to show a high degree of confidence that public company auditors are looking out for them, according to a new survey.
IRS extends deadlines in N.C. counties affected by Hurricane Florence
The IRS announced that it is extending tax deadlines starting Sept. 7, 2018, until Jan. 31, 2019, for eight counties in North Carolina.


IRS 990 in Excel form
What is Relationship and Differences between Bookkeeping & Accounting?
Is a Bookkeeping license worth it if I am already an accountant? Seeking opinions and advice.
Online resource to practice journal entries?
Graduated at 22, started my own accounting business at 26, started making 6 figures working virtually at 27. Ask me anything!
Depreciation Expense Accounts
Good avenues to peruse new clients?
Desktop software solutions?
QBO - Recording Deposits on Estimates/Invoices
Is it possible to get a Bookkeeping job without a degree ?
Starting a Bookkeeping Side Venture
I built a tool that many of you requested: Data extraction from invoices in the PDF format.
How do you tell a client you need to raise your billing rate? What’s a reasonable increase % and increment schedule?
How do I properly account for a 501(c) unemployment Trust?
Firing my biggest client??
Is this a good part-time job for a disabled person in Canada?
How much should I charge for my bookkeeping services given that I have very little experience?
What’s the proper way to account for prepaid SIM cards on Quickbooks.
Confused about self-employment during full time employment
Invoice to Sri Lanka from Europe
What do you charge per hour?
Are hand written receipts acceptable to the IRS?
UK receipts needed?
Can you send wire transfer using an intermediary bank acting as if it were the recipient bank? makes you wait for 15 days to send first ACH & wait 2 business days to even initiate

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